Props to the Suburban

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Finally somebody got it right. The major media covered the council meeting on May 28th and they all reported accurately on the key issues – the lack of analysis, the unanswered questions, the mega uncertainty over all details of the PPU, and the disastrous impact on our community. Thanks go out to all of them – CTV, Global, Chronicle, etc for showing up.

However, only Mr. Ian Howarth of the Suburban seems to have captured both the issues and more importantly the emotions and overall mood – the fears and frustrations of our people.

Thank your Mr. Howarth for not sugar coating what was essentially a true freak show. The anger and rage and discontent of our citizens was palpable that night – all of it directed at an arrogant panel of unelected bureaucrats whose hearts and interests were clearly not with the people. Again, thank you for not forgetting the emotional side of this sad story by providing details that other news people left out, yet maintaining your objectivity as a journalist.

More to come tomorrow.

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