PPU attracts criticism

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Ste. Anne development plan attracts criticism
Albert Kramberger. The Gazette. Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That was the title from the Gazette article. But what an understatement. The PPU plan was exposed for what it is – pure incompetence, not worth the toilet paper it’s written on. I estimate 99.9% of the hundreds of citizens in attendance were hopping mad and totally against this piece of garbage.

I don’t think your process is at all sustainable,” he said of Ste. Anne’s proposed development plan. “It will fill the entire territory leaving nothing more to be developed, leaving no more choices for the future. David Fletcher.

Resident Tom Broad said the north sector is already experiencing rush-hour traffic woes and that there are no plans in place to improve access to Highway 40. There are 1,100 cars in the sector right now,” he said. “What you are proposing here is an additional 2,800 cars.

The development would see the town’s population of 5,200 residents increase by about 4,500.

That last statement unfortunately couldn’t be more misleading. The 5,200 represents the entire population of Ste. Anne’s. Both the North and the South. But the additional 4,500 people with their estimated 2,500 polluting cars will all be in the North Sector – it is the North only that will feel the full impact of the traffic and overcrowding.