Paved Paradise

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If a neighbour was stupid enough to cut down a tree on their property, the Ste. Anne Pub Security would drag them off to court within 10 minutes of the infraction. That’s ok with me because I love trees.

But the irony is that in preparing for the new bicycle path everything green (trees, bushes, hedges) along the border of Claude Robillard Park (Rue Grenier) was razed – completely destroyed.

When I sit on the bench in the park now, instead of seeing green I see red. All I can see now is the concrete future – removing green so I can better view Industrial Blvd and the back of its brick and mortar buildings.

The children now can venture into the traffic to play given the green barriers that kept them safe have been removed.

Thank you eco-rapists for ensuring that eventually every blade of grass will be replaced with man-made materials.