Battle of Bout de l’Isle

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Council Meeting May 28th
Last night exhausted me. We certainly made our point – all 300 of us (just an estimate).
I would best describe it as a horror show. Our Mayor stayed at the back and the councilors were seated at random – safely out of the line of fire. You could of cut the tension in the room with a knife. I’ve never seen a community so angry – one mobilized so quickly – one united.

At the front of the packed gym answering our questions, were a bunch of unknowns. All i know is that we didn’t elect any of those people.

I didn’t care for their answers, I didn’t care for their attitude, I didn’t care for their arrogance.

Next council meeting, I hope the Mayor and his team will have the courtesy to answer our questions themselves.

Heroes of the night: David Fletcher, Paola Hawa, and my neighbour J.
Honorable Mention: Ryan Young, for finding the conviction to stand up and support his people.

Our neighbour in the south has covered this already in his excellent blog – so i won’t bother re-summarizing the brutal beating the citizens gave their politicians.

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