PPU – Lack of Clarity

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On the home page you will find links to official PPU documents prepared for our council. Please read them to get a balanced view of this issue. You would hope they hold all the right answers but that wasn’t the case for me at all.

Here is an example of a critical facet of the PPU project which tells us nothing meaningful or definitive. It inspires very little confidence in the project management and planning behind the PPU.

page 14 du PPU : Le réseau routier local apparaissant au plan pour ce secteur n’est présenté qu’à titre indicatif, aucune obligation de respecter ce tracé s’applique. Le tracé définitif sera proposé ultérieurement par le promoteur et il sera approuvé et validé par la Municipalité.

So in essence, translating for our English readers, nothing is finalized.

Given the tremendous scope of this project and the fact that the structural changes to our town will be irreversible, we would like full disclosure and transparency at the May 28th meeting. Specifically all the important details of the economic and quality of life analysis that has been or should have been conducted by the council and its urbanists and planners will need to be revealed – as we the citizen/taxpayer/voters expect and are entitled too, morally, ethically, and legally: we demand proof of proper due diligence, audited by third parties, and we demand fiscal responsibility from our elected representatives.