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Post from the former Mayor’s (Mr. Bill Tierney) on Facebook

I just read over the town’s notes for Monday night. They are proposing to bring in 5,000 more people to the North. I cannot see the sense of this.It will upset the demographic balance between the North and the South and I seriously doubt that the town will be able to afford to service these new residents. The strategy behind the 2006 PPU was to keep a balance between the two parts of the town and to make the industrial sector help pay our taxes as the people of Baie d’Urfé do. It is a well-known fact (and we did studies) that an industrial zone provides much more revenue and demands much less service than the residential. And in the context of the future uncertainty of revenue from the hospital, how can the town’s fiscal advisers imagine we will be able to supply services for 5,000 more people without raising taxes? I do not think that this PPU serves the people of Sainte-Anne well. And I agree with your letter writer when he or she demands to know what Montreal is offering in compensation for the opportunity cost of having the Eco-territory in SAB. Is there a timetable for the development of the Park, a budget, and what about public transport? How are all these new residents going to get around? Ask Chris Price. The answer is: 2 500 more cars.