Battle of Chemin Ste-Marie

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When two municipalities go to war all the citizens lose. Will Kirkland and Ste. Anne’s square off over the potential traffic explosion?

Comments from Kirkland citizens that were left on petition site:
If this goes through, as a Kirkland resident, we will find a way to make the city of Kirkland block off traffic on Chemin Ste Marie in Kirkland to discourage traffic from the west. Traffic is horrible as it stands .

Nous sommes particulièrement inquiet de l’impact sur la circulation sur le chemin Ste-Marie, qui commence déjà à être difficile aux heures de pointe

When traffic becomes a huge quality of life issue, tempers flare – as they did over Henri Daoust Street. Read the full story below.
Kirkland and Pierrefonds at loggerheads over traffic. New street rules in Kirkland angers Pierrefonds residents

On Monday May 28th the council will be asked how the already congested Chemin Ste. Marie will accommodate another 5,000 people. Adding new lanes? That can’t work because you can’t expand the road west of Meloche: not without removing the bicycle path, not without paving over the farmlands, the Ecomuseum, and the Arboretum and you can’t expand in Kirkland either.

So all you get is a giant bottleneck at both ends – sort of like what happens when 1 lane closes on a highway.

Of course that’s just my opinion. Can’t wait to hear the the magic solution.

Read more on how Traffic could be impacted here.

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REMEMBER: come to the public consultation on Monday May 28th 2012 at 7PM
l’école du Bout de l’Isle, 190, rue Vallée