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    The addition of 4500 new residents will have a destabilizing effect on SAB, politically and socially. The problems we have now with inadequate services in the North will be magnified tenfold by the new population. In times of fiscal uncertainty, when the previous federal regime provided such steady income, it is irresponsible to choose such an expensive option for a small town without any indication of compensatory measures from the city Montreal. And How many more cars will that add to the area?

    It is time to stop the madness and have a plan that is well thought out and truly consultative.

    Town council of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue must endeavour to have the proper environmental impact studies done before moving ahead with this flawed development plan. It is completely wrong to sacrafice these wooded areas, for the sake of increasing the city’s tax base on such a grand scale without first assessing the negative impact all these homes, condos, cars and people will have on the area.

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REMEMBER: come to the public consultation on Monday May 28th 2012 at 7PM
l’école du Bout de l’Isle, 190, rue Vallée