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It would be nice to preserve what little green space we have left on the west island as part of our heritage. The famous bird sanctuary that Ste. Annes is known for will no longer exist. Think, consult the citizens that pay the taxes, plan, then act!

What happened to the natural green spaces we were promised years ago. It is broken promise after broken promise. The North sector is always getting ignored and we get very little for our taxes which continue to be increase year after year.

Maybe they should consider fixing the overpass which has been out of order for almost a year now. Or perhaps fixing the roads which have so many potholes it is actually dangerous to bike and rollerblade on them. It could even be useful for them to maintain the sewers and look into the underground stream which is ruining so many properties. But no. Lets build more houses which will also get neglected so that we can raise our taxes again and get a whole bunch of nothing for it!

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REMEMBER: come to the public consultation on Monday May 28th 2012 at 7PM
l’école du Bout de l’Isle, 190, rue Vallée