Why our Property Values will Drop

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The condos and townhouses of the PPU will reduce the values of our properties. That’s just a basic tenet of real estate. But what happens when on top of that you also lose green spaces. The PPU is a double threat: we get both lower priced housing in our backyards and destruction of green spaces. What a recipe for disaster.

This is what the very well respected Biologist Patrick Asch had to say. From the Chronicle, May 9th 2012 Edition.

“On average, adjacent to a protected and enhanced natural environment, there is a landvalue increase of up to 32 per cent. Most studies conducted on this go on to say this.


Full Story – The Chronicle – May 9th 2012 – Densification fears spur Ste. Anne conference

Some quick math: 32% of a $300,000 house is over $90,000 – and I trust Patrick Asch more than any politician.