Coderre says NO to Mafia.

Will Mayor Hawa and council do the same in SADB?

Coderre administration says it will block Mafia-linked Pierrefonds land from development
Source: The Gazette

The administration of Mayor Denis Coderre says the city will block development on a strip of land in western Pierrefonds that is co-owned by companies and individuals with links to the Mafia and that cuts through an eco-territory the city says it wants to conserve.

However, the city won’t attempt again to buy the 28.5-hectare strip, which runs from just below Gouin Blvd. W. down to the border of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, from its owners, city executive committee member Russell Copeman told reporters at city hall on Monday.
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More traffic thanks to Mayors that support the Mafia

Brenda O’Farrell: What is sustainable or responsible about plan for Pierrefonds West?
Source: The Gazette
If you are a commuter in the West Island — be it a driver or a bus user — you know that it is easier to travel along an east-west axis than it is to navigate a north-south route.

The infrastructure and transit corridors are more amenable to moving east-west: John Abbott to Pointe-Claire Village, Dorval Circle to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, the Beaconsfield train station to downtown. It’s not quite the same thing if you want to make your way from Gouin Blvd. to Pointe-Claire Village or the Roxboro train station to the corner of Brunswick and St-Jean Blvds. And then there is the painstaking rush-hour drive that takes you from the exit ramp off westbound Highway 40 to points in western Pierrefonds, like the corner of Pierrefonds Blvd. and Château Pierrefonds Blvd. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sign the Petition

Sauver l’espace vert de l’Anse-à-l’Orme, à Pierrefonds Ouest / Save L’Anse-à-l’Orme’s natural green space, in Pierrefonds West

Click here

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Keep the MAFIA out of the West Island Part 2

Is there any honest in Mayor in Montreal? Vaillancourt? Applebaum? No there isn’t. Don’t trust Coderre either.

Montreal’s plan for Mafia-linked Pierrefonds land raises questions

Source: The Gazette

The land in question is parallel to the Pierrefonds-Senneville border and stretches from just below Gouin Blvd. W. down to the border of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. L’Anse-à-l’Orme River and an adjacent road with the same name traverse the property at about its midway point.

The riverbanks are protected natural space, and provincial agricultural zoning prevents the land below the river from being developed. Some of the land above the river is designated as floodplain, although that doesn’t necessarily prohibit construction on it.

By the owners’ reckoning, about 10 hectares of land toward Gouin Blvd. can “absolutely” be built on, says Vicky Roy, the administrator of one of the companies that owns the land.

Roy is the current president of Placements Manchester Brighton Ltée, which she said she administers as executor of the estate of Gaétan Gosselin, the company’s sole director, who was shot dead in 2013. He was the brother-in-law and associate of Raynald Desjardins, now awaiting trial in the 2011 murder of Salvatore Montagna, the leader of a rival Mafia faction.

The land’s owners will put it up for sale in a week or two, Roy said. The section above the river might appeal to developers, she explained, while the agricultural land below it could be sold for farming. She also said the city hasn’t approached her about acquiring the property since she became the company’s administrator two years ago.

Placements Manchester Brighton purchased the land with another company, Gestion de Placements Uni-Dev Inc., in 1988. Uni-Dev acquired a 70-per-cent stake, and Placements Manchester Brighton acquired 30 per cent. In 1992, Gestion de Placements Uni-Dev transferred its 70-per-cent stake in trust to several shareholders and was designated to act as their representative.

The shareholders initially included a numbered company with directors that included Domenico Manno, uncle of now-deceased Mafia don Vito Rizzuto. Manno is one of three men who pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the 1978 murder of Paolo Violi, the Calabrian Mafia leader whose demise brought the Sicilian Rizzuto clan to power. Manno’s wife was listed as a shareholder in the land in 2012.

The current president and first shareholder of Gestion de Placements Uni-Dev is Joseph Sciascia, and the vice-president and third shareholder is his wife, Laura Bruno. Sciascia is the son of Gerlando (George from Canada) Sciascia, the Montreal Mafia’s representative in New York when he was shot dead by fellow mobsters in 1999.

A numbered company is second shareholder. Its president is Rosa LoPresti, widow of Giuseppe (Joe) LoPresti, who was gunned down in 1992.

Starting in 2006, the city identified Gestion de Placements Uni-Dev among 12 owners with land it wanted to acquire in the planned conservation zone.
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Keep the MAFIA out of the West Island – Part 1

We don’t want the same people who sell drugs to our kids laundering their money in development projects.

Montreal’s plan for Mafia-linked Pierrefonds land raises questions

Source: The Gazette

The city is preparing a plan that has been in the works for a decade to conserve a lush landscape in one of the last large undeveloped natural spaces on Montreal Island.

But the coming 180-hectare “eco-territory” in western Pierrefonds, to be made up of tracts of land the city has stitched together through purchases from private owners since the mid-2000s, will be missing a piece of the original territory the city has outlined on maps of its project for a decade.

A new map indicating the L’Anse-à-l’Orme eco-territory in a citywide land-use plan that Montreal city council approved in January shows a long strip that will remain private. It cuts vertically across the projected municipal conservation zone and cleaves the future eco-territory in two.

Even if the city isn’t buying the 28.5-hectare parcel, it will claim it has acquired and conserved a total of 180 hectares from other landowners in the area — the same as its original target.

But how and why the city decided to abandon the idea of a contiguous eco-territory raises questions.

Among them is why the city isn’t using its legal power to expropriate the holdout owner, since other large landowners in the zone have agreed to cede their land for public use to create the eco-territory.

Another is how much residential development might occur on the strip of land now that it won’t belong to the eco-territory.

And could the city’s decision to give up on acquiring the parcel have anything to do with who owns it?

The property in question is owned by a group of people and companies that are linked to a who’s who of the Montreal Mafia.

City officials have refused to answer questions and declined interview requests for the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, the people who negotiated on behalf of the city to acquire the land for the eco-territory say they knew nothing about the owners of the strip of land, even though names that have been linked to organized crime — such as Arcuri, Gosselin and Manno — are apparent in public land registry records.

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Sent to the Mayor and Council

Dear Mayor and Councillors

If our town truly believes in democracy, it would be gracious on your part to do a better job informing the public that the festering wound called development is once more open for business.

Its my understanding that few people turned out for the information sessions compared to 2012. Having spoken to neighbors I can tell you it wasn’t for lack of interest. Rather it was is due to poor communication on the Town’s part.

All I saw myself was a white sheet inserted in the waste management brochure, caught just before it was recycled. I’m hopeful that wasn’t intentional, to bury it so nobody would read it?

The Town needs not only to let the citizens know about this PPU, but more importantly its potential consequences. You can’t go back in time to fix this once it’s screwed up.

As Mayor and council hopefully you will play that role of informing the public on sides of this undertaking. Making sure key issues are presented, not just ecological and traffics one:

For example, was any analysis done on how our property taxes will be impacted? Will they go up or down? By how much? Was any analysis done on the impact on our property values? Does the real estate market behave the same way as other markets? The more houses (supply) the less people are willing to pay for them (demand)? What is the impact on property values when the green spaces that made this area so attractive turn into concrete? When traffic intensifies?

Will SADB becomes Pierrefonds with its street gangs? Will the property values go up or down? For every 10% our property value decline, and they will (Real Estate 101), our home owners will lose 40,000 to 80,000. If that number is more likely 20%, well you can do the math.

What about the West Island overall. Was analysis done on its infrastructure? Will the Lakeshore Hospital be able to handle all the extra people, not only from our town, but from all the other developments that are planned? What about water and other infrastructure? We don’t live in isolation.

In passing, why should I attend an info session run by people who make their money helping developers get their way? Why should I waste my time? These people are not biologists, they are consultants. The only reason they are in business is because of development. Remove development and you remove their mandates, they are out of business. They are there to mislead the public, to save their own jobs.

And having Montreal lackeys lead sessions? Is there any organization more corrupt than the city of Montreal? You are all aware of the Charbonneau commission, what went on and what likely continues to go on in Montreal with respect to development?

In 2012 a team was in place to make sure our community knew it planned to be raped. The results were spectacular. Unfortunately this team has self-destructed. There is no one left to inform and represent the people. What a shame.

What does remain is that people, North and South, are against development. Sadly, they don’t know what is happening and they are under the mistaken belief that is about traffic congestion.

Info Sainte Anne de Bellevue

Municipalities have the important powers to protect their natural environment. If exercised within the proper procedures, the exercise of these powers do not constitute “disguised expropriation”
It is therefore possible, strategically, for a municipality to decide that an area within its territory, which is a particularly rich natural environment, is not to be subject to development, simply by not allowing the infrastructure required to serve the area to be built. (art 116 of the Act). These provisions of a zoning by-law would not be considered disguised expropriation because the legislature specifically permits it.

Source: Protection of natural environments by municipalities: authorities and arguments, By Me Jean-François Girard


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Corruption-related preliminary hearing begins for ex-Montreal mayor Applebaum

I hope this piece of garbage goes to jail for a long time. Typical of the City of Montreal’s crooked politicians who rezone for their developer friends. This is one of the reasons we need to say NO TO DEVELOPMENT. Keep the criminals out of SADB, let them stay in Montreal and Laval.

Former interim Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum appeared in court on Monday as his preliminary hearing began on corruption-related charges.

A publication ban was ordered on the evidence being heard before Quebec court Judge Yvan Poulin as Applebaum listened intently and jotted down notes.

He was arrested and charged about two years ago with 14 counts including fraud, corruption, conspiracy and breach of trust involving two real-estate projects in the local district he represented from 2002 until 2012.

Source: Globe and Mail

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The People’s Voice

In 2012 hundreds of citizens of Sainte Anne de Bellevue told the Mayor to shove his development plans. He didn’t, and this cost him his job along with 90% of his team. So why is this festering wound open again?

We DON’T have any legal obligation to allow development in SADB. We control our zoning bylaws, we are allowed to protect our community. Let the Mayor and council know that you are against development because it will only hurt us.

Cartoon Source from Cites Nouvelles

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The Chronicle: Traffic, security concerns outweigh benefits of Ste. Anne north development

Let’s face it, there are lots of morons in our town, you know who you are. The biggest morons are the ones that think the fight against development is about green vs pavement and concrete. Wrong. The fight is about protecting our property values, keeping our property taxes in check, and then finally avoiding the traffic and crime and all the extra shit gifts that come with development. Remember: as a house owner you get screwed by development. Only the developers benefit. We came here for the green spaces and that’s why properties here sell quickly. Let the developers strip mine somewhere else, far away from the West Island.

Traffic, security concerns outweigh benefits of Ste. Anne north development
From the Chronicle. Complete Story Here.

The residential, commercial, and industrial development of Ste. Anne de Bellevue north will add to the area’s traffic, residents argued Wednesday night during a public information meeting at Ecole du Bout de l’Isle where city officials unveiled what they called a “potential development scenario.”

The small West Island town unveiled a scenario where the land north of Highway 40 could accommodate at 350 homes, as well as relatively small commercial and industrial sectors conducive to sustainable development-type businesses. Ste. Anne would stand to gain an additional population over 900 residents. More residents, however, means more traffic, resident Tom Broad said to city officials during the question period. “If you have nearly 400 homes, and on average there’s two cars per home, you’re going to be adding about 800 cars to the roads,” he said.

The Ste. Anne north resident asked whether officials have spoken to the Ministry of Transport to add another exit ramp connecting the sector to Highway 40 to alleviate the higher concentrations of traffic. The town’s director general, Martin Bonhomme, responded no.

A representative of CIMA plus, the firm responsible for undertaking a traffic circulation study based on the development scenario said the area can accommodate the increased load – especially with the addition of traffic lights on Chemin Ste. Marie. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue’s development plan

Here we go again. Shabby journalism at its best, whether the local newspapers penned by high school dropouts or the Gazette West Island Blog. Kathryn Greenaway – gotta love that name, take the green away – writes an incomplete biased piece here.

Best response so far:

This story, and similar ones in West Island papers, sound more like press releases for the developers (money launderers) than local journalism. It’s sad that only the town’s perspective is presented. What is deplorably lacking, and I doubt any studies were done to that effect, is how citizens will suffer as the town and big construction companies (Charbonneau commission) prosper.

Why doesn’t anyone report on how property values in the North will decrease by 20% or more? That’s about $80,000 to $100,000 of your equity flushed down the drain. Why? Two reasons. First, your current property valuation reflects an intangible asset: the proximity to green spaces. Remove the green spaces and your house is suddenly worth a lot less. Secondly, there is more competition for selling houses because there are more houses. Whether you’re on the market or not you lose.

How about the analysis on property taxes? Was that done? Well, your property taxes will go up for sure because the costs of all the services and the portion of the infrastructure assumed by the town will be very high – these projects always go over budget, just ask Dr. Porter.

Finally, I laughed so hard at one article that said the traffic increase would be “acceptable”. Acceptable? Sure, just like waiting 14 hours with a broken arm at the ER of the Lakeshore Hospital is acceptable. We really need more traffic on the West Island. As it is, the 1 hour or more commute from downtown is acceptable. Yeah, acceptable to the developers.

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The Truth About our Lands

In Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, there are a few key issues, but the one that is attracting the most attention is the future of development in the north end of the town. The last council proposed a development plan that would have doubled the population of the town. It was the focus of intense debate leading to it being shelved.

Quote from the West Island Gazette

Fact: Citizens don’t want development in their backyards. They said so loud and clear and this is why our forests and wetlands are still there for all to enjoy. The green spaces also increase the value of our homes by 20 to 30%: that’s millions of dollars to potentially lose as a community. Source.
Myth: Development is inevitable. If that were the case there wouldn’t be any green spaces in Montreal. We need to pressure the city or province to buy back the land and invest in parks like the Parc-nature du Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard. See the city’s commitment below. Once corruption is reduced, the city and province will have the funds for this purchase but it could take years – we can wait because the land is frozen.
Fact: Montreal (PMAD) has a stated goal to preserve 17% of Greater Montréal’s territory to maintain biodiversity. That 17% will be impossible to reach unless SADB stays green, we need them to buy back the land. Source: Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal
Fact: Our lands are currently frozen by an RCI. They are also zoned Industrial, not residential. So why talk about residential development when the zoning doesn’t allow it?

Myth: The landowners have the right to build. Wrong. Our town has the legal right to protect its forests and wetlands. Source: PMAD
Myth: We should feel sorry for the landowners. Wrong on two counts, they bought the land knowing it was zoned industrial. Secondly, we as property owners have much more invested in our homes than the value of their land.
Fact: You don’t want to build homes on wetlands, it invites constant flooding. These lands are susceptible to landslides as well. Read this and this.
Myth: Increased population means lower taxes. Wrong, it means higher taxes to pay for all the increased services, it increases traffic, pollution, and crime.
Fact: Additional housing will decrease our property values because of increased competition – it becomes a buyer’s market – particularly when cheap housing and condos spring up.

Fact: Our lands were sold under interesting conditions. Land sale controversy has election undertones. Don’t fret, the Charbonneau commission will eventually make its way to the West Island and it will be interesting to see the headlines.
Myth: We have to develop because we have so much debt and we are losing revenue from the Hospital and blah, blah, blah. Stop the whining please. Debt will be reduced by proper management, not by raising taxes. No more $300,000 toilets.
Opinion: Remember, our land would have to be rezoned in order to destroy it. Do we really want the real estate and construction industries exploiting our community? Have we learned anything from Tremblay, Vailancourt, Applebaum, and company?

Applebaum was arrested in June in connection with two projects, the NDG Sports Centre and a condo project near Mount Royal. The projects allegedly involved zoning changes and bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars that transpired between 2006 and 2011

Source: CTV NEWS

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Montreal buying back our lands

I was so sick of hearing whiners and morons say that we couldn’t buy back our lands. Finally we’re starting to see progress now that we’ve gotten rid of the pro-development Mayor and council. Another chunk of land going back to the public – for protection.

La Ville de Montréal acquiert un terrain d’envergure destiné à agrandir le parc-nature de l’Anse-à-l’Orme

Montréal, le 19 décembre 2013 – Le conseil d’agglomération a approuvé aujourd’hui un projet d’acte par lequel la Ville de Montréal acquiert, à des fins d’agrandissement du parc-nature de l’Anse-à-l’Orme, un terrain d’une superficie de 44 567 m2.

L’emplacement, situé sur le chemin Sainte-Marie, à l’intérieur des limites de la ville de Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue, est acquis pour la somme de 1 900 000$, plus taxes. Le prix d’acquisition a été négocié de gré à gré avec Gestion Cordevco Ltée.

« Cette acquisition nous permettra de consolider notre projet de conservation de l’écoterritoire du corridor forestier de la rivière à l’Orme et de poursuivre la mise en œuvre de la Politique de protection et de mise en valeur des milieux naturels », d’affirmer M. Réal Ménard, responsable du développement durable, de l’environnement, des grands parcs et des espaces verts au comité exécutif de la Ville de Montréal.

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Green Spaces

Wanting to save green space and actually doing it are not the same.
Some advice for new councils at western tip of the island
Source: Brenda O’Farrell, The Gazette

Wherever there are still large tracts of open land in the West Island, the public debate during the municipal election campaigns focused on how to stop, or at least, limit development.
In Ste. Anne de Bellevue, the concern was the Anse à l’Orme woods. Critics questioned at least one mayoral candidate’s commitment to saving the woods from development, pointing to the fact that he owned a company that sold new homes.
So what is next?

In Ste. Anne, the new council should look at restarting the public consultation process to draft a new urban development plan. The last one, which proposed to essentially double the size of the town, was roundly rejected. Ste. Anne does not have the infrastructure, the access to public transit nor the arterial roads to support such an aggressive expansion plan. Residents in the north end need access to public transit, not just some expensive taxi service that is only subsidized during rush hours. It’s time to go back to the drawing board. There is no need to rush.

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Beaconsfield versus SADB

Citizens in Beaconsfield are trying to protect their interests just as we are in SADB. This article by candidate for Beaconsfield council Greg Stienstra, illustrates the similarities between both communities.

– Beaconsfield’s 2013 Special Planning program for the Angell Woods sector, although withdrawn at the last minute, will be at the top of the agenda for the new council. We must send council, land owners, developers, speculators a strong message that Beaconsfielders want to keep their green space. Your vote in this election is extremely important.
– Development will not result in reduced taxes. Even the Beaconsfield council members could not make a case that development reduces taxes.
– This is one of the last remaining green spaces on the island.
– There is a serious traffic congestion and safety problem at Woodland Intersection. Drivers regularly run red lights at this intersection due to delays. Council should make safety a priority over development.
– There has been no traffic study taking into consideration that train traffic, particularly long oil carrying trains, is on the increase. As we learned from Lac Megantic, there are risks. As it is how would residents west of Woodland be evacuated in case of a derailment at the Woodland intersection cutting off Elm and Woodland?
– As the traffic increases so does the risk of a serious accident.
– Montreal has set aside funds for the purchase of green spaces on the island of Montreal.
– A large green space is an asset to real estate values in our community, and this will continue in the future.
– High density condo development is not the right choice for this area, and it will reduce local property values.
– Angell Woods provides many environmental benefits and allows us to enjoy nature without driving for hours.
– The Beaconsfield plan for the development of Angell Woods presented in 2013 has far too many loopholes.
– In the past when other properties in this area were developed, soil removed from excavation by the builders was simply dumped on nearby green spaces, essentially destroying the local ecosystem. This construction was supposedly supervised and inspected by city employees.

Source: Why protect Angell Woods?

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On Development in SAB North

From the Gazette
By Paola Hawa
On October 31, 2013

A Recent History of the “Development” Issue

I’ve had an interest in this question for many years. I remember the Council question period(s) under the Tierney administration when his Council was proposing to allow the building of condos in the most sensitive areas – in and adjacent to – the Anse a l’Orme forest. I also remember his refusal to actively negotiate with Montreal who was seeking to establish a protected eco-territory in our area. At that time, Montreal had offered a $10million investment to create a regional park, including the construction of a chalet. Further, they had also offered to take over the maintenance of Sainte Anne’s portion of Anse a l’Orme road, which would have represented an important saving for Sainte Anne. It was this situation that was at the root of my decision to run for Council at the 2009 election. I went door-to-door, maps in hand, explaining to residents the choices we faced as a community. They chose to elect me as their representative based on our shared vision: protect our quality of life and as much green space as possible; ensure that any new development would be in the best interests of the community; ensure that residents directly participate in the entire process of creating a new Urban Plan.

Although some candidates at the 2009 election had run and won, by making “green” and citizen participation/respect an important part of their electoral platform – it soon became clear that the “words” of the campaign would not align with the “actions” once in office. Despite my repeated requests to my Council colleagues to perform the requisite studies and to directly involve the citizens before designing a new Urban Plan, the majority chose to allow the 2012 Urban Plan to be determined behind closed doors together with the promoter. More than 400 of you witnessed the result of this exercise at the May 28, 2012 Consultation Meeting in the school gym. (google it!) Those in attendance saw me (supported by Ryan Young) stand up and publicly denounce the lack of transparency and the real estate promoter’s direct involvement/influence in the process. Working with a dedicated group of citizens, we mobilized our community, signed petitions, sent emails, went door to door, held resident information sessions to inform our neighbours.
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Citizens Fighting Back

Congratulations to Pierrefonds citizens for another victory, fighting back to let their Mayor and Council know that taxpayers are more important than developers and the construction industry.
From the Gazette, click below for full article.
Pierrefonds-Roxboro residents block rezoning for condo project; Council to now decide on holding referendum

The future of a six-storey condo project in Pierrefonds-Roxboro will be decided by a referendum or cancelled outright, after almost twice the required number of residents turned out on Thursday to sign two public registers.

The registers asked residents if they supported zoning changes that would allow a 115-unit condo project up to six-storeys tall on a property near the corner of Gouin Blvd. and Aumais St.

“On both registers, we have the required signatures to start the referendum process,” borough spokesperson Bassam Chaarani said.

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Warning – Real Estate Conflicts

Just received this email from a well known citizen’s group. Would like to share it although the content has already appeared on other facebook/social media sites. We wrote about this ourselves. Read Here.

This communication comes to you from concerned citizens and to make you aware of facts instead of something else. If you had any doubts that this SADB election campaign is primarily about the development of SADB north – and developers, real estate agents that are hungry to get their hands on the millions of $$$ at stake – doubt no more….

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The Real Estate Stooges


Let’s make sure we rezone so we can sell lots of houses!

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Liar Liar

Regarding the lies that are being circulated about our wetlands and the rare forests which are frozen (they can’t be destroyed), Sainte Anne has the right to protect these lands. The landowners knew that when they bought the land. Poor little millionaires.

Source: Plan métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement (PMAD). March 22, 2012. Page 13 of 21.

Municipalities have the important powers to protect their natural environment. If exercised within the proper procedures, the exercise of these powers do not constitute “disguised expropriation”

It is therefore possible, strategically, for a municipality to decide that an area within its territory, which is a particularly rich natural environment, is not to be subject to development, simply by not allowing the infrastructure required to serve the area to be built. (art 116 of the Act). These provisions of a zoning by-law would not be considered disguised expropriation because the legislature specifically permits it.

Source: Protection of natural environments by municipalities: authorities and arguments, By Me Jean-François Girard

When land is bought “as is, where is” it means the buyer is fully aware that he may not be able to build.

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Heard on Facebook

Some pretty interesting comments from Facebook. In passing, to our readers, it is a lie and huge lie that SADB has to buy back any land from any landowner – the law is the law.

It has come to my attention that some candidates are spewing falsehoods – either in an attempt to intentionally mislead the electorate, or through sheer ignorance of the laws. I will leave it to you to interpret their motivations. For me, I have heard these standard “developer/promoter” lines many times; they are despicable attempts to dissuade the citizens from exercising their rights. Not this time….!

It is totally false and untrue to say that SADB has no choice but to issue building permits to the land owner. Equally, it is totally false to say that SADB would have to purchase the land from the landowner. Nothing could be further from the truth! SADB is currently in a most “enviable” position with respect to the legal power and control it can exercise over development. We, as residents hold all the cards -I challenge anyone to dispute my statements – with “facts” not just “fear mongering, empty falsehoods”.

Read the full article here

A concerned citizen of Lanthier street wants the following to be spread to as many citizens as possible: Paul Chablo came to his house and told him that Sainte-Anne de Bellevue has no choice but to let Grilli build what he wants or the city has to buy the land back from him. That is a lie. This citizen knew it because he has followed the PPU debate for the last 4 years and Paola’s efforts to stop the high density PPU. Sainte anne de Bellevue has in place right now, all the right reglementation to decide what it does with said land, for the best interest of it’s citizens and with respect to the environment. Then, when our friend asked Mr Chablo why he never attended council meetings, Chablo actually answered that whenever he needed something, he went directly to the Mayor… So there you have it! This election is a very important one and if we let the old team get in, with Chablo as Mayor, they will let Grilli develop Anse à l’Orme woods with a high density development like the 2012 PPU that 400 people showed up to reject and denounce in May 2012 at the school gym” and that project would seriously impact the value of our homes. Spread the truth to your neighbors and tell them to inform themselves.

Read the full article here

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Voters Beware

InfoSAB did a tour of Facebook accounts, reviewing the comments and postings regarding the November 3rd elections in Ste Anne de Bellevue. Much of the talk is about the fact that, incredibly, two candidates running for office (one for Mayor, one for council) have real estate interests – which they certainly aren’t advertising in their campaigns. As many have pointed out on Facebook and the West Island Gazette this constitutes a major conflict of interest given the protected forests and wetlands that could be developed here.

Why Development is Undesirable
With our apologies to the rabid tree-huggers out there, this isn’t just about the environment. Sure InfoSAB is 100% supportive of nature, wildlife, and green spaces, but the financial arguments are the critical ones. Sainte Anne de Bellevue, despite what the ex-cop candidate thinks, is a very safe town. We don’t need extra police presence and we can’t afford to pay for it with our tax dollars. That will change radically if this town is transformed into a ghetto with transients coming in from all over the island to take advantage of cheap housing and apartments. That’s when the crime will start to rise. With it will come much more traffic as well, and pollution from all the additional cars. Don’t fool yourselves, the PQ and the STM don’t have any plans to improve public transit in SADB, not now, not ever – way too expensive and we don’t vote PQ.
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Take the Poll

Should a real estate promoter run for Mayor or council? Maybe in Nigeria, Montreal, or Laval. But not in SADB.

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Your Election Guide

The last four years have been, to say the least, brutal for the town of Sainte Anne de Bellevue. After voting one mediocre mayor out we sadly replaced him what is very possibly the most incompetent Mayor and council in the history of this jewel of a town, perhaps the worst team in the history of the West Island for that matter. It would take a novel to describe all the fiascos –but let’s just name a few: the overpasses, the reconstruction of the downtown core, the golden toilet, the PPU, and our debt which is skyrocketing.

Thankfully we did have Paola Hawa as a shining beacon. Without Paola Sainte Anne de Bellevue could have possibly ended up under provincial trusteeship as did Laval – not for dishonesty but rather for sheer stupidity, a total lack of fiscal responsibility, and absence of proper judgment. Ryan Young is also worthy of praise. Ryan and Paola both advocated doing things right as well as doing the right things. Neither voted for the $300,000 Golden Toilet – an atrocious waste of money to pacify a restaurant owner at the taxpayer’s expense.

Fast forward to November 2013 – we’re faced with a new election and honestly we can’t afford to make another mistake that could destroy our town forever. So in the interests of making the right choices, this is our humble guide to who we feel would be the best candidates for SAdB. Only the candidates worth mentioning are considered below – the Old Boys Club need to retire so they can’t do any more damage.

Mayor: this is a no-brainer as only one candidate has all the qualities together with the relevant experience to manage a town effectively. That person is Paola Hawa. She is competent, honest, transparent, and so much more. Add to that years of experience and you have the best person for the job by a mile.
Council District 1: Two candidates get the nod of approval, Manrico Biscotti and Dana Chevalier. I think either one would be good.
Council District 2: Another easy one, Ryan Young. Ryan is very well respected in the community and at John Abbott College where he teaches. He is sensitive to fiscal issues as well as our environment. Go Ryan!
Council District 3: Another tough call. Claude Tellier and Lise-Anne Briand are the best candidates in this district. Flip a coin on this one but my vote would be with Lise-Anne.
Council District 4: Thankfully this one is much easier – Daniel Boyer all the way. We don’t know Dan personally but have heard so many good things about him from many different neigbhours. Time for new blood in this district, Dan’s the man.
Council District 5: Yvan Labelle is really focused on making sure we have a better town and a stronger community. He has our vote without any doubt. Yvan will be a strong new addition to the council.
Council District 6: Michel Boudreault is a very sharp individual, particularly with numbers. He is one of my favourite candidates and I know he will make a huge contribution to the new council, particularly on those issues that really count – the financial ones.

So there you have it – the dream team for 2013.

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Has been running against Young

Source: The Suburban

Old man Lavigne has too much hatred for Paola Hawa and too much love for his landowner friends to throw in the towel. Rather than run in his own District, he has chosen to run against Ryan Young. So sad how these has-beens need to try to hang on forever just out of spite and greed. Go Ryan go!


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Traffic congestion – Get your vote right

Taxpayers/citizens have had enough with the traffic but the real estate promoter candidate who is running for Mayor will make sure the traffic doubles or triples. This candidate is backed by all the Old Boys who voted for high density, high traffic, high taxes development: Deroo, Lavigne (the puppet master), Anderson, and Michel Boulsally.

Don’t want traffic? Then vote for Paola Hawa.

From the Suburban News
Traffic congestion and improved transportation top election concerns

“I have to get up half an a hour earlier to drive to work these days.”
“If I don’t leave by seven, it takes me an hour to get in.”
“I’d take public transportation but there aren’t enough trains (buses).”
Whether you live in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Ile Bizard, Beaconsfield or DDO, talk of increased wait times in traffic jams has been increasing for the last two years and now with a municipal election on the horizon, this is what citizens on and off the island are talking about. Without exception. Read the rest of this entry »

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SADB Worst Managed City

For the last 2 years InfoSAB has maintained that the outgoing Mayor and council were the most incompetent in the history of our town and possibly the worst in all of the West Island. Turns out we were wrong, well sort of. Turns out the Mayor and council were possibly the worst in the history of Montreal! Talk about vindication. This is why we need Paola Hawa as Mayor – to clean up the mess. The scary part is that the outgoing stooges are supporting the ex-cop candidate who showed up out of the blue to run against Paola.SADB Le pire des pires
Source: La Presse


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Cops as bad guys?

What’s this poor sick world coming too? The Charbonneau Commission, officially the Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry, revealed the degree to which the Construction Industry in Quebec is rotten. Real estate developers are part of the same club, they are plain and simply the “legitimate” arm of organized crime. Not only are most politicians in Montreal crooked as hell but now we find out that we have cops as bad guys too? Seems like everyone who is pro-development is in it for the money, illegally.


From the Montreal Gazette
SQ officer arrested for alleged intimidation of Beaconsfield officials

The Gazette has learned the investigation involves a property in Beaconsfield that De Castris purchased in 2011 for $500,000, and sold in August for $1.3 million, according to land registry records. In the interim, on Oct. 22, 2012, Beaconsfield city council voted in favour of reversing a decision by Beaconsfield’s urban planning advisory committee. According to minutes from the council meeting, the committee had refused a request for “architectural modification of the building” on Lakeshore Rd. based on plans submitted on Oct. 3, 2012.
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Public Announcement


Le 18 septembre 2013 à 19 heures
Église Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, 3535, avenue du Parc, Montréal
(Métro Place des Arts ; Correspondance autobus 80 nord)

Les Partenaires du Parc Écologique de l’Archipel de Montréal (PPÉAM) et la Coalition Verte vous invitent à une réunion très importante. Comme vous – et bien d’autres – le PPÉAM et la Coalition Verte avaient exigé une ceinture verte pour le Grand Montréal lors des consultations sur le Plan métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement (PMAD) en 2011.
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Wonderful News

Mayor Deroo is not seeking relection! That is the best news we’ve heard in years.
The following are comments that were left on the Gazette’s West Island Site.

By Good riddance!
On July 3, 2013 at 4:57 pm

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Now can you please do something good for the city like leave before Nov 3 so we can start asap rebuilding the disaster you are leaving behind. We will be watching out for last minute fast ones.
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Advice for New Mayors

For decades in Quebec it was very common for politicians to accept big bucks offered by developers (i.e. organized crime) to change zoning laws. For example, you take something that is zoned as farmlands or industrial and with the right bribes you rezone it as residential.

If you’re a new Mayor it must sound very tempting. Unfortunately the good old days of the Vaillancourt era are gone. Today, citizens are watching their Mayor and council with more cynicism than ever. So is UPAC. Crime doesn’t pay, not like it used to. So if you are going into the elections in November, keep your nose clean, if not you will become the prom queen at the local jail – bend over for your new boyfriend.

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